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modulating the meesage signal

Asked by yofiandi yosmansyah on 10 Jan 2013

hi guys i have a question which is how to write the matlab code for a messages signal

m(t) = 
1 when 0=<t=<0.05
-9 when 0.05=<t=<0.1
else is 0 

pls help me and thanks

  15 Comments sorry i was very sleep so i didnt see it clearly.. well the m(t) became 2 from t= 0 until t=0.05 and become -9from t=0.05 onward. but when t<0 and t>0.1 its supposed have a zero value. so how to make that m(t) yah? m(t) = { 1 when 0=<t=<0.05 -9 when 0.05=<t=<0.1 0 when t= elsewhere }

thats it is..thanks bro for the help..i really appreciate it..btw how to plot the amplitude spectra ya??

stairs() to plot.

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Jan 2013

Define your vector t of times. Then,

m = zeros(size(t));
m(t > 0 & t < 0.05) = 1;
m(t >= 0.05 & t <= 0.01) = -9;

Note this would be only one pulse.


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