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Using Matlab for Iphone or Ipad

I'm an Ms.c. student at the research year and I'm trying to build interactive system using Iphone or Ipad and matlab and I'm wondering is it possible to access these device's camera using matlab ? I wish the experts could help me answering this and I'm so thankful to you guys in advance.


I assume MATLAB is running on a desktop machine? How does the desktop communicate with the phone/tablet?

Thank you first ... the communication is done via a software that is called a connector you can do a little search over the site here or the apple store and check this out, but I'm still wonder is it possible to access their camera ?

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Answer by Amith Kamath on 14 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer at should help. It's been tested on android using the IP Webcam app. This assumes that you have a WiFi connection though.

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thank you so much this is much helpful, I also found similar program for IOS devices, I'm so grateful to you

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