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Matlab code of Chebyshev type 2

Asked by Altin
on 13 Jan 2013

i have an exercise to design analog low pass filter chebyshev type 2 with this specifications Ωp=o.4 pi Rp=2dB Ωs=0.5pi As=20dB

I have to do matlab code to show impulse response and amplitude response but i dont know how to do it.. i dont have Fs either :S.. please help me.. i have to do it till tomorrow..


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1 Answer

Answer by Arsalan on 13 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

Its pretty simple to design digital filters in matlab as opposed to languages such as C or C++ or Java. this is because matlab has its own toolboxs to design filters. you can look for a toolbox called "fdatool". Just type fdatool in the matlab command prompt, and the toolbox opens up. there is a significant amount of help in the matlab help documents on this issue too.

Its pretty simple.


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