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Problem in generating code for a simple model

Asked by Vijith Natarajan on 16 Jan 2013

Hi, I did a small state flow model, which should produce a output 1 when the input is 0 and produce ouput 0 when the input is 1. i simulated it and worked well.

1. when i tried generating code i used grt.tlc and generated code, the code runs for 3 to 4 pages for such a simple model, why?. and also i could see lot of supporting files, is it normal or i did something wrong when generating code?

2. I wanted to generate code for micro controller 8051 of the same model. i couldn't see any difference from the previous code and the code generated for 8051,also how can i select the input and output port pins of the microcontroller??

any help would be really appreciated.....

Thanks Vijith


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1 Answer

Answer by Ryan G
on 16 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

This answer regarding GRT versus ERT targets may help. GRT is a generic target and is not optimized for readability or speed. ERT is much more optimized and readable.

I cannot comment directly on how GRT chooses how to generate code as I do not know that answer, but in general you can expect ERT (embedded coder) code to be much more efficient.


I tried with ert.tlc, now i can see some readable efficient code, but i want to configure the port pins for the input and output, how can i do that??

can anyone pls answer for the second question?????

You can create a new question for this, but do you know if Simulink directly supports your controller? For example, the simulink support for arduino allows you to generate code and implement it directly with the additional blockset on file exchange.

To do this with your controller it may be supported or you may need to write an s-function. You can also use input and output port blocks and then use the generated code to configure them as pins.

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