How can i keep the fontsize on colorbar when saving as JPEG, TIFF etc....

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I am producing graphs in Matlab to be converting as JPEG/TIFF for inclusion into documents. I use a font 30 on graphs. Everything saves as such except for the colorbar which return to a very small font 8/10. Does anyone knows the solution to this problem? Many thanks

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 16 Jan 2013
sH = surf(peaks);
cH = colorbar;
Daniel on 10 Mar 2021
This also changes the size of the tick labels on the colorbar, but I only want the size of the colorbar label to stay big.

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Max Griggs
Max Griggs on 29 Apr 2021
Same as José-Luis's answer except change:
To this:
8 Years later...😎

Reza Yahyaei
Reza Yahyaei on 1 Aug 2021
Since I already set the font size in my code, what I did was saving the figure programatically with:
saveas(gcf, 'filename.extension')


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