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Can I access the Unit of a Simulink.Parameter in a Mask?

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Julius Rauh
Julius Rauh on 9 Sep 2020
Edited: Julius Rauh on 9 Sep 2020
I have a block where I want the unit of the output port to be the same as the Simulink.Parameter (inside a Data Dictionary) that I enter into the mask.
I set the output port unit in the initialization code with:
set_param([gcb '/Out1'], 'Unit', get_param(gcb, 'INPUTPARAM.Unit'));
here INPUTPARAM is the name I assign to the given Parameter in the Mask Dialog and I want to access the Field Unit. Sadly this doesn't work because INPUTPARAM is not the given Parameter but the Value.
So is there a way to access the Unit of the given Simulink.Parameter inside a Data Dictionary in the Mask Workspace?


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 9 Sep 2020
Yes but it is not very elegant.
"INPUTPARAM" is the name of your mask variable. You have to follow that to get the name of the Simulink.Parameter object, e.g. "MyParam". Then you have to evaluate "MyParam" in base workspace or data dictionary to get a copy of the object, then you can have the "unit" property value.
One trick is to use It works for both base workspace and Simulink Data Dictionary so you don't have to detect it first.
For Simulink Data Dictionary, there is supposed to be a few API that you can use to access the property value more elegantly. But at the end you still have to make a copy of the object. Since R2018b, I have requested the Mathworks to provide/develop API to access object property value directly. I have not checked the recent versions.

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Julius Rauh
Julius Rauh on 9 Sep 2020
Thank you very much vor your answer, works perfectly!
I solved it with evalinGlobal like this: (in the mask initialization)
DDName=get_param(gcb, 'INPUTNAME'), DDName)
set_param([gcb '/Out1'], 'Unit', DDUnits);
edit: I forgot that it is possible to promote parameters, instead of the last line it is possible to just promote the Units of the output port (named them Units_out) and write
Unit_out = DDUnits

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