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I tried everything to clip NetCDF file with polygon but it is not working

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Pai-Feng Teng
Pai-Feng Teng on 11 Sep 2020
Edited: meghannmarie on 18 Sep 2020
I have used MATLAB to generate the 720 x 360 x 187 NetCDF data which means to be the global data. Currently, I hope to clip it with the polygon. I reviewed the MATLAB answers but I still cannot find any solution.
I tried to use "inpolygon", but it did not work. It kept telling me "matrix dimensions must agree". I used transpose and they don't work.
I tried to use Interp2 and interp3 (since it is a 3-dimensional data) but neither works.
Please let me know what I should do so that I can clip my NetCDF data with my polygon. Thank you.

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meghannmarie on 18 Sep 2020
Can you provide an example of the polygon and netcdf file? Is your poly a rectangle?
Are you trying to clip data and write a new netcdf or just trying to access that data?

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