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Walter Roberson

Important System Notice to Answer Users! (Revsion 3)

Asked by Walter Roberson
on 20 Apr 2011

(Below problem is now fixed!)

The MATLAB Answers system currently has a corrupted message that is interfering with use of the system. If you attempt to view the index of the page that has the corrupted message, you will be given a notice that the page does not exist.

The problem question is


If you have asked a particular question and want to look at it, then the "My Questions" link should still work fine.

If you are going forward from the default starting page, manually add ?page=3 (or as appropriate) to the end of your query, such as

If you wish to examine the range of messages close to but not quite including the problem one, the Sort By Date Asked, Descending, and go to the second-last page. You can use this link to go there directly. In particular, uses this method to access messages 5848 to 5889.

The messages that are currently especially difficult to reach have directly links at:

Messages 5897 onwards are test messages or new postings that are (currently) visible.

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one vote from me,hopefully TMW fixes this soon

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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 21 Apr 2011
 Accepted Answer

The MATLAB Central team has found and fixed the problem, and all should be back to normal now! Yeah, team!!


Thank you for your help!

1 vote for your work and 1000 for the MATLAB Central team, good work!

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Answer by Paulo Silva
on 20 Apr 2011

Thanks for letting us know about the problem, it was a nightmare seeing errors instead of MATLAB Answers.

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Yes, some of us hyperventilated for a minute there ;-)

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