How to change variables in time in Simulink?

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I have some processing (moving of wheelset). Wheelset has mass, it's variable and it's declaring in init.m file (for example M=1;)
Now I want that in this proccess mass of wheelset will be changed every 2 seconds. How to save the new value of mass to M variable from Simulink?

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 21 Apr 2011
It sounds to me like you want the mass data to be a signal, and not a parameter that is defined by a workspace variable.
I think of Simulink as having data which are either signals or parameters:
  • Signal - value updates during simulation time
  • Parameter - value does not change unless user manually changes it
To get a mass that changed every two seconds, I would define the mass as an input signal derived from one of the Source blocks (Simulink -> Sources library) such as Inport, From Workspace, Signal Builder, etc.
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Evgheny on 21 Apr 2011
I've made `Const Block` with M value and then `Fcn Block` with inputs of `M` and `time` and output of a new `M`. This new `M` I gave to all blocks I needed (early I haven't `M` in model - it was taken from workspace, but now it is signal)

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