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How can I have resizeable components in my GUI ?

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Kami omidi
Kami omidi on 22 Sep 2020
Answered: Kami omidi on 22 Sep 2020
I am looking for a way to have my gui with resizable components inside, just like matlab. I prefer to make the whole GUI with Codes, (so graphical methods like guide and app designer are not asked).
Thanks in Advance
Kami omidi
Kami omidi on 22 Sep 2020
The 'Resize' property is 'off' and I planned a non_resizeable GUI. But I want the user be able to resize axes and panels and so on.
The reason: my experences shows, those graphical tools even though so easy to use are, but finally is needed to insert Codes to have a Ideal Project. That is the only reason That made me to decide write the whole in Codes.

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Kami omidi
Kami omidi on 22 Sep 2020
It is possible with GUI Layout Toolbox witch is a Layout manager for MATLAB graphical user interfaces, written by one of matlab staffs.
If we download the toolbox, we find a comprehensive help in html format.
The uix.GridFlex is the Function Reference that meet our needs.


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