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How to create an executable for M-file that intrinsically calls SIMULINK model(i,e, .mdl file) ?

Asked by Control Machine on 25 Jan 2013

I wrote an M-file which loads all the required parameters to workspace required to run the simulation in SIMULINK and loads the results back to workspace. I then use these results to write in a .txt file and for plotting.

Now I want to create a single click executable that combines M-file and SIMULINK model to be used on any Windows machine.

How can I create an executable that of MATLAB file that intrinsically calls SIMULINK model?


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1 Answer

Answer by Ryan G
on 28 Jan 2013

Calling Simulink from MATLAB and generating a single executable would be tough if not impossible. The issue being SIM is not a supported command for MATLAB Coder.

However, you could generate an EXE or DLL for the simulink model and call it like you would from a c program using the coder.ceval functions in the MATLAB code.

Realistically the route I would take would be generate an EXE for the model and run the MATLAB code in MATLAB, or deploy it using MATLAB Compiler


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