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Image Acquisition Parameters - when are these activated?

Asked by Brian
on 25 Jan 2013

You can set parameters for your camera/frame grabber using

x = get(src, 'Parameter');l
set(src, 'Parameter', y);


src.Parameter = y

However, this just puts data into a structure. Does it change the camera settings immediately upon assignment? Do you have to get data in order to change the settings?



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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 25 Jan 2013

The take effect immediately. They are sent to the camera as soon as you execute that line. Most or all of those things that you can assign numbers to area actually methods, not properties, so they actually do stuff (talk to the camera), not just store the number in a variable.


That seems quite understandable with "set". It just doesn't seem so plausible with src.Parameter = y. I guess src is not a variable, it is an object with methods.

This is one of the challenges with object oriented documentation. It seems quite difficult to understand which objects are data and which have methods.

Is handshaking required to make sure that the settings have been applied?

Not really. You assume it did it's job. If there's some way to check, the go ahead and verify it if you want. It's like anything else. When you multiply matrix A times matrix B, do you do anything to make sure they multiplied correctly, or do you just assume that it did it?

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