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Image Acquisition - preview is fast, snapshot is slow?

Asked by Brian
on 25 Jan 2013
Latest activity Edited by Andraz Skoda on 8 Jun 2016

Why is the snapping of frames so slow?

It seems that preview can be used with a callback to do real-time processing of images. However, snapping a frame, then calculating and displaying the result is very slow.

What is the best way to approach (quasi) real-time video processing?


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1 Answer

Answer by David Tarkowski on 28 Jan 2013

I think that this example might help with your issue:

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What happens with time needed for one frame if we store the frame in Matlab variable every time in a manualy trigger mode loop? Did anybody already tested it?

I'm working on application that also needs real-time snapshoting and every frame must be processed. Processing can also be done after all frames are captured. So we take for example 20 pictures (we must come under 5 seconds) and after this, process them.

Any suggestions, ideas or results of testing this kind of application with Matlab?

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