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Simulation of air with oil mist / fog in simscape

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Hi everyone,
is it possible to bend the moist air domain in such a way, that the simulation of other condensating gases / materials than water vapor ist possible?
We have to model the condensation of oil mist in air (@atmostpheric pressure or as compressed air) in pipe networks to prevent the flooding of certain measurement devices.
Our idea is to change the water vapor properties of the "Moist Air Properties (MA)"-Block, but we do not know if that works, escpecially when sometimes the major oil fraction is in the form of little droplets.
Thanks for you help

Answers (1)

Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy on 26 Oct 2020
Hello Andreas
This might be possible to accomplish but requires a thorough qualification to capture your requirements.
It is possible that a consulting project with MathWorks could help. Can you reach your MW local office to get the dialogue started?
Best Regards / Juan


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