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Computation of Non directional Edge

Asked by M@lik Ali on 29 Jan 2013

i want to compute non directional edge of an image block, how i can compute, the simple edge method, will return non directional edge? if no please suggest me the solution


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

You can convolve with the Laplacian, which is like the average edge over all 4 directions (vertical, horizontal, and the two diagonals).

kernel = [-1, -1, -1; -1, 8, -1; -1, -1, -1];
highPassFilteredImage = conv2(double(originalGrayImage), kernel, 'same');

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its good its result in matrix, so if i need a value then what i should do, and if i want to count the edges then what is the procedure. Actually i need to count the edges in a sub image then categories the edges in 5 types, i-e. non directional, vertical , horizontal , and both diagonals, please help me out.

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