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Global coordintes to local (not on Matlab 2012!)

Asked by Doctor61 on 29 Jan 2013


I have been searching for a way to be able to define spherical coordinates of the points in a XYZ matrix, based on a local coordinate system (new origin and xyz axes). All I have been running into is this new global2localcoord code in Matlab 2012 that the previous versions apparently don't have.

Could someone help me figure out how to do this?


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 30 Jan 2013
Edited by Jan Simon
on 30 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

The general procedure is:

localCoor                 = rand(3, 100);
translationOfLocalOrigin  = rand(3, 1);
rotationOfLocalCoorSystem = <DirectionCosinMatrix>;  % [3 x 3] matrix
globalCoor = bsxfun(@minus, localCoor, translationOfLocalOrigin);
globalCoor = rotationOfLocalCoorSystem * globalCoor;

If you need more details, e.g. for the paraphrased "<DirectionCosinMatrix>", please post more details for your available input.

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Thanks for your respond. What you proposed is actually very helpful, but I guess you got it backwards, I have a matrix with the global xyz coordinates, then I want to define a new set of coordinate system with a new origin and angles axes (which would be using the translationOfLocalOrigin and rotationOfLocalCoorSystem you defined above) and find my new xyz or eventually r,phi,theta with respect to that global coords.

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