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Display in a uicontextmenu the coordinates of clicked point in a uiimage

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How do you display in a uicontextmenu the coordinates of the point in a uiimage of a uifigure clicked by the user while opening the context menu? Here is the code template. It shows how you can dynamically change the content of a uicontextmenu, but fails to capture the coordinates of the clicked point. Note that the coordinates of the clicked point are given by the property CurrentPoint of uiaxes and uifigure. The uiaxes information is not available since there are no axes, having created the image with the uiimage function, and the property is zero for uifigure.
function menucoordinates
% display coordinates of clicked point of uiimage in uicontextmenu
% ------------
% Run the function and right-click the image to show the contextual menu
% ------------
fig = uifigure;
% create context menu
cm = uicontextmenu(fig);
cm.ContextMenuOpeningFcn = @onRightClick;
m = uimenu(cm,'Text','');
% create image
im = uiimage(fig);
im.ImageSource = 'membrane.png';
im.ContextMenu = cm;
function onRightClick(src,event)
% update the menu text
% get coordinates of clicked point - HOW?
% ...
% clicked coordinates from uifigure are zero
% dummy values
x = 1;
y = 1;
% display coordinates
m.Text = ['x ',num2str(x),', y ',num2str(y)];

Answers (1)

Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar on 8 Dec 2020
Hi Vlad, I understand you want to display a point clicked in a uicontextmenu the coordinates of the point in a uiimage, you can refer to the following link:
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar on 11 Dec 2020
Hi Vlad, "uiimage" won't make much of a problem the example in the above link is only a reference you can use if with uifigure in similar way:
fig = uifigure;
You can use the handle for image as well with "uiifigure".
Vlad Atanasiu
Vlad Atanasiu on 11 Dec 2020
Dear Abhishek, Your suggestion didn't solve my problem. Maybe you can show how to modify the code in the intial question. Would that be an issue? Thanks!

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