How to rotate a curve in the xz-plane around z axis?

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I have a curve difined in a vector M with values in x and z position. I use "plot3" to plot this but now I want to rotate this curve around some axis, preferable z-axis so that it creates a body. In my case it will have a shape of a mountain.
Is this possible?

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Jan on 30 Jan 2013
Edited: Jan on 30 Jan 2013
Rotation around the Z-axis by the angle a:
R = [ cos(a), sin(a), 0; ...
-sin(a), cos(a), 0; ...
0, 0, 1];
Points = rand(3, 100);
RotatedPoints = R * Points;
Per on 4 Feb 2013
I dont see it. How do I subtract the translation? say it's 3 in x-dir and 5 in y-dir, will it look like:
R = [ cos(a), sin(a), 0; ...
-sin(a), cos(a), 0; ...
-3, -5, 1];
and then after the Curve*R I then add +3 and +5 ?

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