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how to extract image using x/y pixel reading

Asked by Kbhatti86 on 30 Jan 2013

hi there i am currently doing a hand authentication system with the use of matlab and am stuck on how to extract the features of the image of the hand, i have already performed the rgb2gray, weiner and edge detections and now i have used the matlab image processing toolbox to locate the values of pixels and certain points of the hand how do implement this as a sort of algorithm and which technique is more effective.


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 30 Jan 2013

You haven't described an algorithm, just some preprocessing steps. Authenticating (whatever that means) a hand is not just locating the values of some pixels of course - that won't do anything useful. What you need is a gesture analysis algorithm that does the kind of authentication you need, whether it's finger or palm print analysis, sign language interpretation, some sort of security application, or whatever. Look here for various algorithms:,%20Detection,%20Tracking,%20Gesture%20Recognition,%20Fingerprints,%20Biometrics


hi there i do apologise for my basic description of matlab problem. as i am fairly new to this.i attend to perform measurements on a image on a hand. e.g like from the valley point from the thumb to where the little thing starts across the palm and individual measurements of the fingers length, how can i measure this from a command and store this the image is scanned from a scanner with the use of pegs so it will be fix area being scanned. i just need to find a way to try and use different hand examples and record the size in the way i have described above.

I'm virtually certain you will find papers describing such algorithms in the link I gave you. It's been talked about here before. Search Answers for things like hand, gesture, sign language, fingers, etc.

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