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I am running the attached data with a .txt file runner (P3.m and Problem_4m)
The data runs and generates the numbers I want, the problem is how can I plot certain data.
For example for if you run Problem_4m it will generate the solutions for all my txt files (from P4_N1 - P4N200) and I need to plot
My N values go from N1, N5, N25, N50, N75, N100, N125, N150, N175, N200
the first plot is with N values and CL (these numbers are under workspace)
the second plot is with N values and CDi (these values are under workspace)
the third plot is N values with Gamma (These values are under workspace)
Is there a way to combine the results of ALL the .txt files into one single plot with the plots provided above
Eddy Ramirez
Eddy Ramirez on 6 Oct 2020
There are two different problems attached
one is from P3.m
The second one is Problem_4.m
Yeah, I sometimes get the same error as well. But, I type, clear clc and run it again and it goes through. I am not sure why MatLab sometimes does not recognize it
no you arent wrong about the vectors and that is another issue I am trying to find as to why I am only getting one value for CL/think my coding still needs some modifications)
I did copy and paste the values initially, but after working it a little more I created the following (giving you an idea for problem 4)
Plotting for N and CL
x=[N1_DATA.N ............ N200_DATA.N]
plot(x, y, 'r')

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 6 Oct 2020
ok - so this is my suggestion for problem 4
there are for sure a more elegant way to manage file names and variables names together. Could be nice if you want to address various files names / quantities without having to do manual corrections in the code.
I tried to "streamline" a bit the process , so there is only one subfunction (exec2.m) and one main m file (Problem_4b.m)
still you have to manage the case with N= 1 , therefore no "delta" variable => error msg
Eddy Ramirez
Eddy Ramirez on 17 Oct 2020
My apologies that was not my intent so I apologize if it came out that way. I was able to find some guidance on how to attack the problem.. I might bother you for some debugging if possible. Once again, I apologize if it came out like I wanted you to attack my assigment.

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