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Header rt_intdivdef not found in Matlab 2012b

Asked by Tobias Gemaßmer on 5 Feb 2013

When generating code from Simulink models, during PostCodeGenCommand (packNGo) an error occurs, aborting code generation process. The error comes with the message "rt_intdivdef.h does not exist".

By debugging, I recognized that in the BuildInfo.mat this include file seems to be necessary for the code generation process, but cannot be found on either the include paths.

I was able to identify the block that causes the include file to be written into the BuildInfo. It is the MathFunction-Block executing the modulus-function on two int32-Signals.

I also tried to generate code with an older Matlab/Simulink version (Matlab 2011b). There code generation succeeds an builds the executable. The include file "rt_intdivdef.h" does not appear in the BuildInfo.mat.

Is there any solution to this problem, so I can be able to build the code with the new Matlab-Realease?

Thanks for your help!


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