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can anybody tell me how to do cropping of image automatically and save it?

Asked by karan dev on 5 Feb 2013

hey friends,I want to crop my big grey-scale image into sub image with fix number like say 256 * 256 and save it.And i want to do it sequentially so that image number can be attached after sub image. like if image name is "get" then sub image starts like get1,get2,get3...i tried imcrop but cant use loop index variable inside needed thanks in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 5 Feb 2013

FAQ And then let this play with imcrop() or basic indexing,.

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i think you misunderstand my is things i wanted to do (1)I have big grey scale image,lets say 5000 * 5000 (don't get heart attack just example-just kidding), (2)now i wanted to crop it in small part 256 * 256 (3)And i wanted to save it as sequential name as if big image name is "get" then subimages name will be get1,get2,get3.....

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