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Using GUI to saving/loading directory.

Asked by ZK
on 5 Feb 2013

Hi, I have a question.

I'm writing a scripts that converts data files, after that I'm converting them to exe files using deploytool.

Can I add to them a GUI interface, that would choose a loading and saving directory on hard drive?



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2 Answers

Answer by John Petersen on 5 Feb 2013

Put this in your callback

   [filedat,pathdat] = uigetfile('*.dat','Select a Data File');

Then you can import the file and do what you want with it.


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Thanks it works. I had used similar function uigetdir.

I have few questions.

1. Why when I'am reding files from another folder, not saved in script directory I have -1 fid(after using fopen). This isn't hapening when I'm have files and script in the same category.

2. Can I add to uigetdir infromation what kind of files I'm searching?

@ZK: Use absolute file names in fopen(), when the files are in another folder. fullfile() creates such names. A more general idea: always using absolute filenames avoids problems of unexpected changes of the current folder, e.g. from a GUI or TIMER callback.

UIGETDIR searches for folders, therefore you cannot specify, which kind of files you are searching for. Please explain, what you actually want to do.

Thank You, I understands now. I'm using

A = dir(uigetdir('C:\','Select directory of a files'));

What can I use instead of fullfife() to load only files like example '*.a'?

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 6 Feb 2013

Sure. You can use something like MAGIC to list your files in a listbox to make it convenient for your users to specify files.


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