I want to plot current data (direction and magnitude) as vectors in a single plot

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Hi! I'm trying to plot a timeseries of current data in away that I have seen wind velocity data displayed like in the example attached. I have current direction (dir_adp3_mx) and magnitude (mag_adp3_mx) and my timestamps (MX). Can I use this data to make a plot of current velocity like the plot of wind speeds below? I think I need to use the quiver or feather functions but I am confused on how to make the X axis time in either case. Please help if you have ideas. I attached the data I am working with as data.mat.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 26 Oct 2020
hello Heidi
below some code with quiver vs feather display. depneds of your preferences - seem I got better angular rendering with quiver.
also note that I have dispayed only the first 100 samples to get a better picture to show the differences in rendering
I have manually added a baseline to the standard quiver display - so at the end it's very similar to what feather do;
you can of course remove that
hope it helps
load data.mat
% data file content :
% Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
% MX 4888x1 39104 double
% dir_adp3_mx 4888x1 39104 double
% mag_adp3_mx 4888x1 39104 double
% quiver(X,Y,U,V) plots velocity vectors as arrows with components (u,v)
% at the points (x,y). The matrices X,Y,U,V must all be the same size
% and contain corresponding position and velocity components (X and Y
% can also be vectors to specify a uniform grid). quiver automatically
% scales the arrows to fit within the grid.
% we need to create the X and Y coordinates of each vector
% NB : current direction (dir_adp3_mx) is in degrees
direction_rad = pi/180*dir_adp3_mx;
Xvec= mag_adp3_mx.*cos(direction_rad);
Yvec= mag_adp3_mx.*sin(direction_rad);
% create x,y points for quiver % quiver(X,Y,U,V) plots velocity vectors
% as arrows with components (u,v) at the points (x,y).
time = MX-MX(1); % so x start at 0 (needed ?)
y = zeros(size(x)); % base line
samples = 100; % to remove if necessary
% add central line
hold on
hold off
% quiver(...,LINESPEC) uses the plot linestyle specified for
% the velocity vectors. Any marker in LINESPEC is drawn at the base
% instead of an arrow on the tip. Use a marker of '.' to specify
% no marker at all. See PLOT for other possibilities.


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