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Tutorial error: Unable to apply MiniBatchFormat value 'SSCB' to output 1 on Yolo V3 Deep Learning

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Geedigit on 27 Oct 2020
Commented: Brian Watson on 16 Jul 2021
I am following the MATLAB Tutorial: Object Detection Using Yolo V3 Deep Learning:
Whenever I get to the model training step, I try to instantiate a minibatchqueue object. This is the code:
mbqTrain = minibatchqueue(preprocessedTrainingData, 2,...
"MiniBatchSize", miniBatchSize,...
"MiniBatchFcn", @(images, boxes, labels) createBatchData(images, boxes, labels, classNames), ...
"MiniBatchFormat", ["SSCB", ""],...
"DispatchInBackground", dispatchInBackground,...
"OutputCast", ["", "double"]);
Although I have been following this tutorial exactly (haven't changed any parameters, am using the example dataset, etc.) I keep getting the following error:
Error using minibatchqueue (line 319)
Unable to apply MiniBatchFormat value 'SSCB' to output 1.
Caused by:
Error using dlarray (line 145)
Invalid data type. Arguments must be full double, single, or logical arrays.
I am also using the pretrained detector they use and have re-downloaded it several times.
I'm currently running MATLAB 2020b (updated).

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