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Can't seem to get the functions to graph properlly

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Bethany Ramsbottom
Bethany Ramsbottom on 28 Oct 2020
Answered: Kelly Kearney on 28 Oct 2020
alpha = [-0.5 -1.2 -2.1]
beta = [8 5.3 2.5]
t = 0:0.5:5
e = 2.71828
y1 = (e.^(-((-.5).*t))).*sin(8.*t);
y2 = (e.^(-((alpha(2))).*t)).*sin(beta(2).*t);
y3 = (e.^(-((alpha(3))).*t)).*sin(beta(3).*t);
hold on
hold on
xlabel('time [sec]')
title('\sigma as a function of time')
legend('Case 1','Case 2', 'Case 3')
grid on
When I plot the equations it seems to ignore the sin function and gives me a single spike not sure where I went wrong.

Answers (1)

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 28 Oct 2020
You've chosen a pretty coarse resolution for t. If you change it to something like
t = linspace(0,5,100);
do you get what you expect?




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