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All Tabbed View in Matlab 2012b

Asked by Yash
on 11 Feb 2013

Is All Tabbed layout option removed in Matlab 2012b?


I don't understand what you're referring to; could you please clarify?

I am referring to Layout button under Home tab in 2012b.

Clicking on Layout button, I see options such as Default, Command Window Only, History and Command Window, etc.

However, none of these options allow me to set the layout to "All Tabbed".

This I used to be able to do in the prior versions, and I miss that option.

Unless the option is indeed hidden somewhere in 2012b, and I am missing it.

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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 15 Feb 2013
 Accepted Answer

I don't see it either.

To work around this I would get it to how you want it and then save the layout as "All Tabbed". Then you can always just use that layout.


I cannot even get, say, the command window and the command history as two tabs in 2012b (again, in earlier versions, this was very easily done). Do you know how to do so?

Thanks for your prompt responses.

Dragging and dropping. Click on the top part of the pane you want and drag it until you see the tabbed view come up.

See desktop layout

Thanks a lot for your help. Your suggestion above worked, and my issue is resolved.

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