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Unable to install matlab web app server r2020b as a stand alone product

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Hi everybody, I'm trying to install web app server without installing Matlab, I installed the runtime environnement but when I try to install the web app server offline (it should be installed in docker) following this guide it is not reconised as a valid product and is not installed. It looks like it is not part of the installer. Below some screenshots of the install process and of the selected products.
Thanks in advance.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 2 Nov 2020
MATLAB Web App Server is included in the same installer of MATLAB.
In the steps for creating a container, installer ISO image is needed. Because silent install requires the ISO image not a standard installer. You can download the ISO image from the MATLAB download site.
Also, for installing MATLAB Web App Server, you don't need MATLAB/MATLAB Comiler/MATLAB Compiler SDK. Just commenting out only MATLAB Web App Server is fine.
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Giorgio Scarton
Giorgio Scarton on 2 Nov 2020
Ok thanks, I know matlab and the compiler was not required it was just an attempt. I have a student license so I'm not able to download the iso image,I will try to contact admin

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