Creation of edge set for a specific perfect matching number

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Anthony Sirico
Anthony Sirico on 4 Nov 2020
N = input('N='); %Number of vertices
J = 1:2:N-1 %odd numbers to N-1
P = [1, cumprod(J)] %Double Factorial
V = 1:1:N %available vertices
for j = J
q = (N+1-j)/2
I = ceil(I/P(:,q))
E(j) = V(end) %issue1
v(i) = ? %issue2
V(1) = []
I = I-((i-1)*P(:,q))
In the code above, specifically in the for loop, after i define I, i want to assign and remove the largest value in the array, and similarly to the smaller value. Then subtract to get an index in subgraph with 2 vertices removed. I am not familiar with the syntax for this.

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