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How to indicate this data.?

Asked by Lalit Patil on 16 Feb 2013

This are two 3D data files..

 point = dlmread('N3d.txt');
 rotate3d on
 point = dlmread('3d.txt');
 rotate3d on

I am reading this both using above code.

Now, line image created by N3d.txt have space between it if we compare it with 3d.txt file on same graph.

So, how to differentiate that space with another colour..? (I want to indicate it with another colour)


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1 Answer

Answer by Cedric Wannaz
on 16 Feb 2013

Try with this:

 figure(1) ;
 clf ;
 hold on ;
 rotate3d on ;
 point = dlmread('N3d.txt');
 point = dlmread('3d.txt');


Yes, first i want ti fit lines, so they will be overlapped.

Then if they are far away of 3 pixels maximum from each other then allow them, otherwise indicate them.

so, i have to compare each first integer digit of N3d.txt file with 3d.txt file and if they are not matched at least three times then remeber that value, finally merge all values and indicate them on graph.

This thing i have to do..

You'll find plenty of tools for fitting lines (just look up for fit line 3d for example) and for computing euclidean distance between points/lines, but how do you define the "dimension" of a pixel in what you are trying to do?

Ok.. I have done a fitting using iterative closest point algorithm. So, they are getting overlap on each other, and giving rotational and translational parameters. overlapped image is attached here,

And maximum allowable euclidean distance is 3 between two rows.

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