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How can I use TriCore with Embedded Coder?

Asked by Jancsó
on 18 Feb 2013
Latest activity Answered by Mark Zurawski on 5 Apr 2014

We have got TriCore microcontroller and we would like to generate c code with your product, Embedded Coder in Matlab 2012b. I found a library is "Trilib" and your site I can not download it. One more question, There are some demo, or Simulink blocks for Tricore, I think driver specific blocks? And can you provide some documents about it.

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How can I use the DSP libraries (TriLib) from the Infineon, or the Simulink has got own libraries?

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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 18 Feb 2013

It appears to me that the library you refer to was removed from the File Exchange due to licensing concerns when the File Exchange switched over to a new licensing scheme.

I suggest you examine this newer example

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Also, if you need to create your own custom target, here is the documentation.

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Answer by Mark Zurawski on 5 Apr 2014

I'd suggest you look at the legacy code tool or the use of Matlab function blocks in Simulink with the %#codegen to interface to the Trilib library.

Both methods aren't too bad. I heavily use LCT to create interfaces from Simulink to the platform. There is also the GetSet interface to work with the platform to Simulink interface.

I've used all those methods to interface platform to Simulink. Each has a different advantage and/or downside.

I haven't used the Trilib myself yet, but may do the same soon enough.



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