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I have an equation that is the model equation for the experimental data that I have. I am unsure of how to plot this .

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Audra Kiesling
Audra Kiesling on 18 Feb 2013
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I want to be able to see if our experimental data fits the model. I have the model equation but I am unsure of how to plot it. Do I use arbitrary numbers? The equation is Z = 250R^1.2, where Z is the x-axis and R is the y-axis (but in log scale). Any help would be appreciated. Z actually ends up becoming dBZ = 10*log10(Z).

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Babak on 18 Feb 2013
See MATLAB help on loglog, plot, semilogx, semilogy

Audra Kiesling
Audra Kiesling on 18 Feb 2013
I am aware of the different types of plots, but I was more so asking how do I plot a model equation, without using my experimental data. I am a newbie to Matlab. I realize it's probably a super simple explanation, but I don't know where to begin to plot something that is a theoretical model.

Babak on 19 Feb 2013
you can do somehthing like this:
zmin = 1;
zmax = 10;
Rmin = (zmin/250)^(1/1.2);
Rmax = (zmax/250)^(1/1.2);
N = 1000; % number of points
z = linspace(zmin,zmax,N);
R = (z/250).^(1/1.2);
Pay attention that I have parametrized the minimum and maximum values of z. I have also used the inverse of the equation you had provided Z = 250R^1.2 because as you are saying R is the vertical axis and z is in horizontal axis so R should be found as a function of z, as, R = (z/250).^(1/1.2)


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