How can I set the background color of a Simulink annotation to a default color other than white in Simulink 7.1(R2008a)?

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Vinay on 12 Jan 2011
Every time I double click on my Simulink model to insert an annotation, the background color of the annotation is white.
I want my annotation background color to be "lightblue" by default.

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MarkB on 21 Jan 2011
Although there isn't any way to change the default background color, you can write MATLAB code that will find all of the annotations and set their background color. Unfortunately, this would still be a user-driven action, not something automatic (i.e. you would still need to actively run the MATLAB code)
The MATLAB "find_system" command can be used to find all of the annotations:
annotations = find_system(sys, 'FindAll', 'on', 'type', 'annotation');
From there, the "set_param" command will allow you to assign a new color to the annotations:
set_param( annotations, 'BackgroundColor', 'blue' );

Vinay on 12 Jan 2011
The ability to have a default background color other than white for an annotation is not available in Simulink.
Currently there are no workarounds.


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