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Web camera in Matlab

Asked by mona
on 19 Feb 2013

I recently installed SmartCam software on pc and mobile through which I could easily use my mobile phone camera as web camera. However, using image acquisition tool box, I was able to take snapshot of image from my web camera. Now my question is how could I use this software in MATLAB so that I could use my mobile camera in order to process the image in MATLAB instead of web camera?


Is your mobile based on Android, or is it an iPhone, or is it something else?

on 19 Feb 2013

It is Nokia (Symbian OS) and the mobile camera is wirelessly connected to the web camera.

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 Feb 2013

Maybe, but you will need to track down the software.

Other than that you might have to see if the software you have provides an ActiveX interface.


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