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How do I uninstall or silently uninstall MATLAB Runtime v9.9 or later?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 11 Nov 2020
As of MATLAB Runtime R2020b v9.9, the Java uninstaller for MATLAB Runtime is now a C++ installer. It can be found in the following directory within a MATLAB Runtime installation:
You can run the uninstaller in two modes, interactive and silent. To run in interactive mode, run the above Uninstall_MATLAB_Runtime.exe, and it should launch normally. To run the uninstaller silently, run it in the Windows Command Prompt with the -mode silent flag like the example below.
/bin/win64/Uninstall_MATLAB_Runtime.exe -mode silent
Note: The new uninstaller does take longer to run than the uninstaller from previous releases.

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