rowfun (or other function?) to access multiple rows in a table (as in current + previous 5 rows)

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Following the excel typical example, where a new column can be a formula accessing current row + values in row(s) above / below - based on a row-delta (that specifies how many rows above/below to access), what is the best way to accomplish this in Matlab?
looking at towfun grouping function - the grouping should be dynamic, as in: for Row N, the row function / formula should only access the previous 5 lines ... type of thing - not sure how could this be achievable through the rowfun
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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 19 Nov 2020
Rowfun doesn't work like that. It will do calculations on groups of rows, but not overlapping groups.
I'm guessing you can do what you want as something like t.NewVar = movsum(t.OldVar,...).

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