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What are the features we can extract using gabor filtering for images

Asked by Subha
on 27 Feb 2013
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What are the features we can extract using gabor filtering for images(histopathological image) is the mean value (from the orientation)will be extracted or any other features apart from it.. having doubt on it... thanks in advance

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Gabor Filters are very effective to extract texture feature and their analysis. it is working on the frequency pattrens of a perticular location or region of interest. then matching .

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Answer by Açmae
on 1 Mar 2013
Edited by Açmae
on 1 Mar 2013
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If you are using a set of Gabor filters with different orientations and frequencies, then you have a host of features you can extract. A Gabor filter is essentially a sinusoidal signal with a given frequency and orientation, modulated by a Gaussian.
You can use it for edge and object detection, image representation and coding, color or pattern gradient, etc.


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Walter Roberson sir now its very clear for me... thank you...

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Answer by surya cm
on 16 Jul 2016

Sir how can i use gabor filter for leaf image identification?


I don't know. Why do you think it should be able to?

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