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I Made

How to apply DSSS ?

Asked by I Made
on 27 Feb 2013

As i do some research on watermarking on audio i firstly wanted to insert some text to the audio signal, i just read a way to do it. But before that i need to do DSSS( Direct Sequence Spread Spcetrum) to my watermark data in my case text/char after the text/char was converted to binary. Any suggestion how i can get started? Or is this even possible?

Well i got the information here

I read the embedding process, step 1 it say that we need to spread the watermark data with DSSS. Anyone can give me some advise?

My Case here asumme that i have this text : test -> convert to binary -> 01110100 01100101 01110011 01110100, how can i apply DSSS to this binary data?


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1 Answer

Answer by shivangi patel on 20 May 2013

hey you can even embed image to the wav file other way , use DCT on audio as well as on image you can embed easily.


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