Matlab Editor only showing partial filenames in tabs

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This just happened a week ago and I have no idea why. Instead of displaying the full filename in the tabs at the bottom of the editor, I'm only seeing shortened versions (ie proc... instead of processing.m). This occurs when I have only a single file open, and there's lots of room for a full filename. I know that it's something I did, but I just can't figure out what.
Any help would be very much appreciated. A lot of the files I work with have similar names, with 'a' 'b' or 'c' added to the end to indicate a revision. I loose that when the filename is shortened, and have to keep hovering/clicking on them to see which is which.
I'm using 2012.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 27 Feb 2013
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 27 Feb 2013
If you don't mind losing all of your preferences, you could take the "nuke it from orbit" approach and delete or rename your prefdir
cd(prefdir);cd ..
Then rename the folder for that release to e.g: R2012b_old. Restart ML and the default preferences will be restored.
With a screenshot, we could maybe figure out which preference it is.
Michael on 1 Mar 2013
Thanks Sean, that did it! No problem losing the preferences, I hadn't really customized it much anyway. My filenames now show up fully in the tabs. I'll try to be more careful next time.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 4 Mar 2013
@Michael, please contact technical support if this happens again! We'd be curious to see the difference in preferences that caused it.

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Warren Campbell
Warren Campbell on 11 Apr 2013
I had this exact thing just happen to me. I think I inadvertently dragged or double-clicked something along the lower part of the Editor window, and BOOM... everything was abbreviated. I couldn't find any sort of "shorten filenames" checkbox/setting anywhere, and I didn't like the sound of the "nuking it from orbit" idea. So, I just kept tinkering.
SKIP TO THE END: By dragging the document bar to the left into a "side panel" position, I was able to expand that panel to show all of the filenames. Then, when I dragged the document bar back to the bottom, all filenames were shown in their entirety.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Apr 2013
Your editor set up and what you're dragging. We haven't been able to reproduce it on purpose.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 May 2014
Bo's "Answer" moved here since it's a reply to Warren and not an "Answer" to the original posting.
Thanks Warren. It worked.

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Alonso on 3 Sep 2013
Edited: Alonso on 3 Sep 2013
I think I have reproduced what Warren Campbell said:
- Drag the document bar towards any side within the editor's window, so that the bar becomes vertical (and lateral) instead of horizontal bottom.
- If necessary, increase the width of bar so the filenames are shown full.
- Then, drag the bar back towards the bottom part of the editor's window, so now it is again horizontal bottom and the filenames are still full.


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