How can I define TI C2000 compilers for Polyspace bug finder

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Hello ,
I am trying to use Polyspace bug finder on a c code compiled with TI C2000 for a F28335 Target ,the compiler is not supported by polyspace (Link) ,So I tried to define it like this :
if I choose Compiler as GNU ,it gives an error
Error: Option -char-is-16bits cannot be used with GNU compiler, for -target mcpu.
Launch polyspace-bug-finder -h to get help
or type polyspaceBugFinder -h in the MATLAB command prompt.
If I choose compiler as generic it fails compilation in tool chain include header file stdint.h
Error: function call is not allowed in a constant expression
#if __has_include(<sys/stdint.h>)
I am running polyspace on code composer studio .
Thank you
Adam Bouwens
Adam Bouwens on 27 Jan 2021
I am having this exact same problem using Polyspace 2018a and the TI Compiler C2000 version 18.2.3.LTS. Is there a way to configure Polyspace to avoid the error or is this feature simply not included and I have to use an older compiler toolset that doesn't use the __has_include C preprocessor function?
Oliver Müller
Oliver Müller on 1 Feb 2021
Depending on what you want to check you can just define
in the Macros menu. or go with the -regex-replace-rgx commandline option if you want to define something more complex via regex.

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Answers (1)

Christian Bard
Christian Bard on 9 Mar 2021
That is recommended to use polyspace-configure on the build chain to get the set of option and target values for a TI C2000. See doc below:

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