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update camera properties for GigE Vision

Asked by David
on 1 Mar 2013
Latest activity Edited by Brian
on 12 Feb 2014

I have an AVT GE680 GigE camera on Win 7 64 bit and MATLAB 2012b with image acquisition toolbox. I am currently using AVT's custom filter driver provided with their VIMBA SDK. This driver interfaces with MATLAB via the GenTL adapter. I can open the camera, preview the video, set the ROI and other properties. However, matlab does not update the AcquisitionFrameRateLimit property. It remains at whatever value it initially detected when opening the video device, which is usually 60fps. However, in my application, I want to run the camera at its max frame rate, so I need to query the frame rate limit so that I can set the fame rate to this value. I have been working with the AVT technical support to get the camera working with their filter driver, but they claim that this last issue is matlab specific. Any thoughts?

Best, Dave


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How did you even get the camera to open, I installed all drivers and filter but I keep getting the error line 177. The device failed to acquire images.

I am seeking support on the Allied side, but no response yet. I am running MATLAB 2013a

Was this question about AcquisitionFrameRateLimit ever answered? I'm running into the same problem with an AVT GC660 GigE camera.

Hi all, I found this info but have not been able to verify it yet myself: to change this cap it seems like we might need to manually change the exposure time to be shorter.

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