How to pause the code?

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QiQin Zhan
QiQin Zhan on 3 Mar 2013
We can use 'Pause'function to pause what's running(e.g in a for loop).If we want to continue,we can just press the keyboard.Then my question is whether there is a way or another similar function which we can set a flag to pause or to continue.

Accepted Answer

Brian B
Brian B on 3 Mar 2013
Edited: Brian B on 3 Mar 2013
If you only want to pause when specific conditions are satisfied, you can put the pause or keyboard statement inside an if clause.
Another option is to use conditional breakpoints. See
Brian B
Brian B on 3 Mar 2013
Cool. Glad it helped.

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou on 3 Mar 2013
hi Chan,
you can use the function " keyboard" :
doc keyboard;
When you insert the function in function/script , it stops until you type return .
Brian B
Brian B on 3 Mar 2013
True. I didn't read it carefully, and thought you wrote "... until you press return".

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