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per isakson

Weird behavior when debugging code invoked by timer

Asked by per isakson
on 4 Mar 2013

This question is overtaken by Spurious fire from timer


This question is related to my question Debug code invoked by timer.

Am I the only one to experience the following weird behavior of Matlab?

I debug code that is invoked by a timer

  1. execution is halted by a break-point
  2. I do something interactively
  3. suddenly "a callback" is fired. Execution is still halted at the same break-point, but with a new workspace
  4. A new group of timercb, timercb and invoked_by_timer_catch is added to the stack drop-down-menu. See the screen clip below.
  5. R2012a 64bit

timer is not supposed to fire a new callback until the current callback is finished. Isn't that what the documentation says? I have seen it happen with "'TasksToExecute', 1".

Sorry the picture is so large.


Please show us how you define the TIMER such that we can try to reproduce the problem.

Code relevant to this example is in the question that I link to in the first line. This happened (behavior showed) when I developed the code for the question linked to in this first line of this question.

However, I've seen this behavior since I started to use the timer a few years ago. I've never been able to understand (/reproduce) it.

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