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Error in dsp.LMSFilter

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Rehman Tanim
Rehman Tanim on 23 Nov 2020
Commented: Rehman Tanim on 23 Nov 2020
Error in
Error in dsp.LMSFilter
Error in adaptivefilters
(line 8)
h = dsp.LMSFilter(15,
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Rehman Tanim
Rehman Tanim on 23 Nov 2020
This is the code:
%% Applying the adaptive filter
% The adaptive noise canceller can use almost any adaptive procedure to perform its task.
% For simplicity, we shall use the least-mean-square (LMS) adaptive filter with 15
% coefficients and a step size of 0.00007. With these settings, the adaptive noise canceller
% converges reasonably well after a few seconds of adaptation--certainly a reasonable
% period to wait given this particular diagnostic application.
h = dsp.LMSFilter(15, 0.0007);
[y,e] = filter(h,x,d);
% [y,e] = FECG_detector(x,d);
%axis([0 7.0 -4 4]);
xlabel('Time [sec]');
ylabel('Voltage [mV]');
title('Convergence of Adaptive Noise Canceller');
legend('Measured Signal','Error Signal');

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