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While plotting, how to Convert YYaxis left via some formula and display it on YYAxis right...(Using R2020a)

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i have imported a file that contains data "Range" and "dBsm" and plotted it....My dBsm data is on YYaxis 'left' now i wish that i should convert the dBsm data to metersquare via formula (10.^(dBsm/10) and display it on YYaxis 'Right' given below values should be shown as i mentioned in second plot which required...
40 >> 10,000
20 >> 100
0 >> 1
-20 >> 0.001
-40 >> 0.0001
The first plot is my output achieved and second plot shows the desired output
actually i m using ylim[ymin ymax] and assign
ymin = min(dBsm)
ymax = max(sBsm)
so the minimum and maximam value on yyaxis right are showing right but inbetween value r wrong... because "ylim" increases linearly from minimum to maximam... So thats not the rightway. instead of using Ylim i also simply converted my data via formula and used yyaxis 'right' but same results... . kindly guide how i should achieve the desired results shown in below graph.. if i again summarize my question.. i want that left yaxis should reflect on yaxis right by user given formula...i viewed all documentation of "YYAxis" but all examples shows linear increase of axis. Thanks

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 3 Dec 2020
The YTick location and label are separate properites, though by default are the same value. I would probably try to do this by changing the YTickLabels on the right axis (but not the YTick location/values).
I'd modify your PlotDataButtonPushed callback to this.
function PlotDataButtonPushed(app, event)
title(app.UIAxes,'dBsm Vs Meter-Sqaure Graph')
ymin = min(app.c);
ymax = max(app.c);
ylim(app.UIAxes,[ymin ymax]);
ylabel(app.UIAxes,'Meter Square')
ylim(app.UIAxes,[ymin ymax]);
app.UIAxes.YAxis(2).TickLabels = 10.^(str2double(app.UIAxes.YAxis(1).TickLabels)/10);

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