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Who won't some keys (like [ { ) work in MATLAB 2012a; neither in the editor nor in the command window?

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Esteban Registrado
Esteban Registrado on 18 Mar 2013
Commented: Ricardo Amaral on 5 Dec 2020
I've got Fedora 18 and Java 7u17 (I had u11 but I updated after seeing this problem--the update didn't solve the problem).
I can't type these keys: [ |(|
I can type the close brackets but not the open ones...
I've got a Spanish Keyboard, and to type [ I've got to first press the alt gr key and then the ` key.
The ` doesn't work either, I mean it doesn't matter if I press or not the alt gr is the key ` the one that isn't working.
The key that produces the [ is not the only one that doesn't work. For instance the key ´ which produces with alt gr { also doesn't work.

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Jan on 18 Mar 2013
I had similar problems with Matlab 6.5 and a manually changed Java under Windows. I have not been able to solve this, such that I returned to the original Java versions shipped with Matlab.

Esteban Registrado
Esteban Registrado on 18 Mar 2013
Mmmm But I need java 7 for other applications :-/
Well, the weirdest thing happened...
I installed MATLAB and then inmmediately cretate the .desktop file to create a "direct link" from the desktop so that I don't have to open a terminal and go to the R2012a/bin folder to execute MATLAB
Well... It turns out that when I open matlab from a terminal window ( ./matlab ) the keys work fine, but when I open it from the overview( using the .desktop file ) they don't :-/
I've already done in fedora 17 this of creating the .desktop and I hadn't got this problem....
This is the content of the matlab.desktop file
[Desktop Entry] Name=Matlab GenericName=Matlab Comment=Matlab Exec=/home/esteban/Programs/MATLAB/R2012a/bin/matlab -desktop Icon=/home/esteban/Programs/MATLAB/R2012a/matlabicon.png Terminal=false Type=Application
Can anyone help me solve this ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2013
I suspect that copying and pasting in the strings will work long enough to obtain the information about the LANG environment variable.

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Esteban Registrado
Esteban Registrado on 18 Mar 2013
Hi, I'm sorry I was at college....
As @Jan says, when I press the ` ( Alt gr + ` = [ ) or ´ ( Alt gr + ´ = { ) no character appears... I mean it doesn't show an incorrect character... No character is shown at all pressing or not the alt or shift keys. I should've clarified that.
This is the output of
ans =
The same output is shown by MATLAB no matter I open it with a terminal or without it.
The weird thing is that, opening MATLAB with the terminal ( open a terminal, go to the /bin folder and ./matlab ) the keyboard works. But it doesn't work when I open matlab without a terminal from a .desktop file.
Anyway, if it isn't an easy an clear way of solving this I'm just going to use MATLAB with the terminal.
English isn't my native language, I'm sorry for the mistakes.

Esteban Registrado
Esteban Registrado on 19 Mar 2013
Mmm Remember I said that the keys work opening Matlab from the terminal ? Well, it is no longer working... Same problem... I don't understand what might have happened, i haven't touched anything

Esteban Registrado
Esteban Registrado on 19 Mar 2013
Edited: Walter Roberson on 19 Mar 2013
I've found in other thread someone with a similar ( I think is the same problem )...
His solution was to do this
./matlab -desktop
This isn't working for me...
But can anyone understand what I should do ?

Mark on 30 May 2013
I think the reason behind this is that matlab captures the Alt+Gr for shortcuts. I think matlab should differentiate between Alt and Alt+Gr
You can see this behaviour by pressing Alt-Gr on the main window and seeing the shortcuts appear.
System: Matlab R2013a, Fedora 18 x64

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