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R6034 error message from running .exe file

Asked by Ismael
on 18 Mar 2013

When I run my .exe file created by MATLAB compiler, I received the following message "R6034 an application has made an attempt to load the c runtime library incorrectly". I installed MCR 7.10 but the installed MATLAB version is 2012. I run this file on the previous version of MATLAB. Please your help




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2 Answers

Answer by Titus Edelhofer
on 18 Mar 2013

Hi Ismaeel,

the MCR is stronly versioned, i.e., if you compiled on MATLAB version R2012a, then you have to install on the target machine the MCR for R2012a (in this case MCR 7.17, see output of function mcrversion).



Answer by Karen
on 20 Sep 2013

Hello, I'm actually having the same problem on a virtual Windows 7 machine. We've installed the MCR v710 on several laptops and have no problems running the MATLAB exe, but trying to install the exact same code on our virtual machine produces the R6034 message.

A secondary problem is that I have another programme that uses a different version of MCR - and they don't seem to co-exist on my virtual machine. I've had someone else - with just v710 installed log in and get the same error.

Help would be greatly appreciated!



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