C function in Simulink not found by MinGW compiler

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I am currently programming a C2000 (TI Delfino F2833) microcontroller and trying to embed C code in my Simulink model.
  • Matlab/Simulink R2018b
  • MATLAB Support for MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors
I followed the instruction from Matlab (here) and as long as I only simulate the programm, everything works. However, when I want to deploy the model on my hardware, it does not work anymore. The diagnostic output is pretty long, so I won't post it full size, but the critical points are these:
"foo.c", line 34: warning: function "bar" declared implicitly
and later:
undefined first referenced
symbol in file
--------- ----------------
_bar foo.obj
error: unresolved symbols remain
error: errors encountered during linking; "../foo.out" not built
Note, that foo.c/foo.h are my class and header files while bar is the function I want to call.
I see that the compiler has problems with finding the right files respectively he does not know my C function in first hand. But how do I resolve this problem?
riccardo on 10 Dec 2020
You are right: I'll copy that to the "answer" window: might be helpful to someone else as well.

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Accepted Answer

riccardo on 10 Dec 2020
That is the "Simulation Target".
You should try and replicate the same in the corresponding "custom code" panes under "Code Generation" settings, I think. May be you could add the location folder(s) as well/instead.
Otherwise source code for your TI target will not consider your custom code files.
There may be other ways to achive the same (e.g. customising the embedded coder target TLC file), but hopefully that should be enough.
You could check if it does the job by editing the build batch file and makefile - to see if the custom code files have been picked up.

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