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least significant bit process

Asked by Internazionale on 19 Mar 2013

i have matrix A(64x72). A is bit number. i want to embed every number in A to last bits of image B(RGB) after dec2bin process. the size of image is 64x64. how to embed A to last bit of B (LSB process) ?


@Internazionle: I've edited the typo in the original question to clarify the dimensions of A - this is less confusing than hiding important details in comments.

What is "a bit number"? What does "total 4068" mean? How do you want to embed 64*72 values in 64*64 pixels? Please do not let us guess so many relevant details.

What does the "last bits of image" mean when the image is RGB, which is composed of three gray scale image planes (color channels)? And where did you post your images? You forgot to tell us.

actually, A is set of coefficient (64x4). i converted it to binary number, each coefficient becomes 18 bits. So the array becomes 64x72. i want to embedding this bits (coefficient) to cover image using LSB method. the size of cover image is 64x64. i want to embed the array of bits to cover image. no matter in what components. the important is i can embedding the bits of coefficient and after that i can extract back (bitget).

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 19 Mar 2013

I'm not a steganography expert, and I don't think any of the regulars here are. So I suggest you find a method in VisionBib in one of these sections:

23.3.8 Image Hiding, Data Hiding, Steganography, Steganalysis Data Hiding, Steganography, LSB, Least Significant Bit Halftone Images, Compressed Images: Image Hiding, Data Hiding, Steganography Surveys, Image Hiding, Data Hiding, Steganography 

Then we can help after you've made an attempt at coding up your chosen algorithm in MATLAB.


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