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how to delete an element from a particular position from a vector of repetitive elements

Asked by naman on 23 Mar 2013

I want to delete the element from a particular position in the vector as I have repetitive elements in that vector.

For example, I have

A =[1 2 3 2 5];

and I want to delete 2 from 4th position. Help me out


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2 Answers

Answer by Cedric Wannaz
on 23 Mar 2013
 Accepted Answer

You might just want to use UNIQUE..

 >> b = unique(A) ;


Yes, I assumed 'sorted' as the outcome of removing the 4th element is a sorted vector, but I should have made this assumption explicit and mentioned 'stable.

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Answer by naman on 24 Mar 2013

Thanks for the answer, its working for this particular vector. But here the condition is bit different. I mentioned from a particular position because I can have the vector of type

A=[ 1 2 3 2 5 2]

now again, i want to remove only 4th element. So pl consider according to generalize vector. Thanks

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